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Uganda Crop Care Limited (UCCL) is a fully registered company in Uganda. We are the Authorised Distributors for some of the world renowned manufacturers; Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Chemtura, Sumitomo, DuPont, Aryta, Cheminova to name a few. We service the entire Agricultural Sector namely Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, Cotton, Horticulture, Floriculture, etc. We serve with a strong technical and experienced sales team committed towards better service to our customers.


UCCL offer a wide range of agrochemicals that prevent the plants from from insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, acaricide, agricultural chemicals for easy and quick growth of plants and thus plant growth regulators and stimulants are essential.


Fertilizers are substances containing chemical elements such as manure or mixture of nitrates that improves the growth of plants. They give nutrition to the crops. When added to soil or water, plants can develop tolerance against pests like weeds, insects and diseases.


UCCL supply commercial varieties of crop seeds in small or large quantities as an additional service to our customers.Crop Seeds are a specialized version of Seeds, used primarily for Farming. When planted in a Basic/Improved Farm, they produce the crop.


UCCL supply other products for Irrigation to assist the growing of agricultural crops, Post Harvest Treatment, Green House Plastic, Plant Growth Regulators etc which aids the farmers in maintaining their farm activities and in reducing the labour.

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